What is HELiMESH®

HELiMESH® is the World's premium stainless steel safety net systems specifically designed for offshore helicopter landing deck perimeter structures.  

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What are the HELiMESH25® advantages?

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel Wire Cable & Tube Frame, HELiMESH® is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the harshest offshore conditions. Unlike other safety nets made from synthetic rope / webbing or PVC coated fencing mesh, HELiMES® will not burn or melt and will not deteriorate with exposure to UV rays or bird guano. [...]

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What are the HELiMESH10® advantages?

The top 5 HELiMESH10® advantages are; With up to 10 years of service life the Helimesh system dispenses with repeated and costly installation of inferior safety net systems Because Helimesh10 is made only from 316 Stainless Steel it will not melt, burn or deteriorate with exposure to U.V. or bird guano The Helimesh “10 Year [...]

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How did you test HELiMESH®?

Rigorous type testing has been conducted in accordance with CAP437/O.G.U.K. guidelines. A drop test load of 295kg from 1m has been applied to the same HELiMESH® test panel with 10 repetitions without failure. This far exceeds the O.G.U.K. required test load of 125kg. We also have a Pull-through “Energy Testing” has also been conducted in the [...]

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How do we install HELiMESH® on our helideck?

Installation of the HELiMESH® helicopter perimeter safety net system is normally undertaken by the facility’s maintenance crew however a specialist installation crew can be provided if preferred or required.

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Can HELiMESH® be removed and reinstalled if nessesary?

Yes, HELiMESH® helicopter perimeter safety netting is made to ensure not only maximum safety, but also quick removal for maintenance / access if needed. Because the HELiMESH system comprises individual custom-made panels, it allows for quick removal and reinstallation if access to a particular segment of the helideck perimeter underside should be required.

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How easy can you make our annual testing?

HELiMESH25®has a "Service Life Indicator panel" included as a standard on all Projects. The panel is to be fixed in a readily accessible location that will be subjected to the same environmental elements as the installed Helimesh helideck perimeter structure safety net panels. The system is designed so that the facility manager or operator every [...]

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What is HELiMESH® made of?

HEliMESH® helicopter perimeter safety net systems are manufactured using only premium quality 316 Stainless Steel materials from the world’s most reputable steel mills.

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