HELiMESH10® is the world´s second best helicopter perimeter safety net system – surpassed only by HELiMESH25®



A stainless steel safety net system consisting of AISI 316 Stainless Steel chain link mesh, 8 mm AISI 316 stainless steel border wire, HELIHOOKS™ and specially made 316 swage fittings.

Rigorous type testing has been conducted in accordance with CAP437/O.G.U.K. Guidelines for the Management of Aviation Operations”

Statements of Fact from ABS and Lloyds to prove compliance with CAP 437 and O.G.U.K. Guidelines for the Management of Aviation Operations” has been obtained.



Materials and Quality

With up to 10 years of service life the Helimesh system dispenses with repeated and costly installation of inferior safety net systems

The HELiMESH® “10 Year Service Life Indicator System” provides peace of mind to the operator proving ”Fit for Service” on an ongoing annual basis

No “in-situ” drop testing is required offshore.

Quick removal for maintenance / access

As the HELiMESH® 10 system comprises individual custom-made panels it allows for quick removal and reinstallation should access be required to a particular segment of the helideck perimeter underside.

Light-weight panels

HELiMESH® safety net panels are light-weight, pre-fabricated in any shape or size ready to install, and can be installed without scaffolding. 

All materials and tools required for installation are supplied with delivery of the safety net panels. Including instructions so that the maintenance crew are ready to install the safety net panels on site.

How do I choose between HELiMESH25 and HELiMESH10?

Click on the helpful comparison chart between the two products below and learn more about the advantadges and special features of the worlds premium quality offshore helideck perimeter safety net systems.

The safety provided is the same; PREMIUM

But before choosing you should know that the best and most economical solution in the long run (over more than 10 years) is HELiMESH25.

HELiMESH10 is very suitable for projects that are run within a limited budget or on constructions with a limited life expectancy.