HELiMESH® is a stainless steel safety net system specifically designed for offshore helicopter landing deck perimeter structures

HELiMESH® is not suitable for anti-skid helicopter landing deck net applications

World Class Offshore Helideck Perimeter Safety Net Systems

HELiMESH Helicopter Mesh

You can be guaranteed of the highest quality products and materials

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Quality is paramount

  • Part of HELiMESH’s ongoing commitment to quality is materials traceability
  • With each and every project an MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report) is provided to the client on delivery and includes all Manufacturer’s Mill Certificates
  • As an additional quality control measure HELiMESH® PMI (Positive Material Identification) tests every new batch of stainless steel material components to verify the grade as 316
  • Testing is conducted via a contracted third-party metallurgical laboratory and materials are quarantined until a positive result is confirmed

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