Rigorous type testing has been conducted in accordance with CAP437/O.G.U.K. guidelines. A drop test load of 295kg from 1m has been applied to the same HELiMESH® test panel with 10 repetitions without failure.

This far exceeds the O.G.U.K. required test load of 125kg.

We also have a Pull-through “Energy Testing” has also been conducted in the U.K. A result of 7.2kJ was achieved, exceeding the O.G.U.K. requirements of 6kJ.

A concentrated test load of 1000kg has been applied to a Helimesh test panel without failure. The total surface area footprint of dead weight to net surface was less than 0.1m². This test is not a requirement of any standard or guideline, rather it was only for our own research and development purposes.