Testing and certification of HELiMESH

295kg Drop Test

HELiMESH25. Drop test being conducted in accordance with CAP 437 (December 2008) / Oil & Gas UK (March 2008). The test was completed successfully and without failure.

(HELiMESH10 awaits last tests.)

1000kg static load test

The surface area footprint of the test weight is less than 0.1m2 and there was no damage to the Helimesh25 safety net on removal of the weight.

(HELiMESH10 awaits last tests.)

Apart from material traceability and 3rd. party Positive Material Identification HELiMESH deliver a 25/10 Year Service Life Indicator Panel with each HELIMESHTM project.

The panel is fittet with 10 or 25 testslings for annual testing. When sent back to HELIMESH the slings undergoes both Tensile and mettalurigical testing and the result is sent back to the ovner/manager of the Helideck.