Due to the long life span of HELiMESH 25® the cost per year is low compared to all other products. Down to half the yearly costs. On top of that the client gets the advantages of HELIMESH 25™ such as: Annual test regime, No down periods due to repeateded retrofitting, No costely annual in situ testing.

HELiMESH25 is very suitable for newbuilds and retrofits of constructions with a long life expectancy.

HELiMESH 10™ has lower initial costs than HELiMESH 25™. As the life span is shorter the costs per year is higher but the client still gets the advantages of a service life test system, longer service life than any other safety net system except from HELiMESH 25™ and of cause the benefits of a product consisting of AISI grade 316 Stainless steel instead of inferior materials like poly fibres, carbon steel, Sisal etc.

HELiMESH10 is very suitable for a limited budget or a construction with a limited life expectancy.

Click on this helpful comparison chart between the two products and learn more about the advantadges and special features of the worlds premium quality offshore helideck perimeter safety net systems.Helimesh Comparison chart