The World’s Premium Quality Offshore Helicopter Safety Net Systems

The HELiMESH™ Advantages

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel Wire Cable & Tube Frame, HELiMESH™ is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the harshest offshore conditions.

HELiMESH™ will not burn or melt and will not deteriorate with exposure to UV rays or bird guano, unlike other safety nets made from synthetic rope / webbing or PVC coated fencing mesh.

Mill and material certificates

In selecting HELiMESH™ you can be guaranteed of the highest quality products and materials.

Extensive PMI (Positive Materials Identification) material testing by our third-party metallurgist is undertaken with every project and verifies manufacturer’s mill and material certificates.

Rigorous testing and standards

The HELiMESH™ safety net system has been subjected to rigorous testing under the supervision of DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

And fully complies with the requirements of helideck perimeter safety netting as prescribed in British CAA CAP437 Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, Safety Nets and Oil & Gas UK – Helideck Perimeter Safety Nets.

Up to 25 years service life

With up to 25 years service life HELiMESH™ will dispense with repeated costly installations of inferior safety net systems and should outlast the life span of the facility.

HELiMESH™ safety net panels are light-weight, pre-fabricated in any shape or size ready to install, and can be installed without scaffolding.

All materials and tools required for installation are supplied with delivery of the safety net panels.

Documentation and certificates

All relevant documentation and certificates are compiled in a job specific MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report) which is supplied on completion of the project, providing full materials tracability.

Stainless steel or copper ferrules

HELiMESH™ can be manufactured with either 316 stainless steel or copper ferrules (joiners and terminations) depending on client preference.

HELiMESH™ is normally installed by the facility’s own helideck maintenance crew, however a specialist installation crew can also be provided if required or preferred.

HELiMESH™ is a stainless steel safety net system specifically designed for offshore helicopter landing deck perimeter structures

Note: HELiMESH™ is not suitable for anti-skid helicopter landing deck net applications!

HELiMESH Helicopter Mesh

Quality is paramount!

  • Part of HELiMESH’s ongoing commitment to quality is materials traceability
  • With each and every project an MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report) is provided to the client on delivery and includes all Manufacturer’s Mill Certificates
  • As an additional quality control measure HELiMESH™ PMI (Positive Material Identification) tests every new batch of stainless steel material components to verify the grade as 316
  • Testing is conducted via a contracted third-party metallurgical laboratory and materials are quarantined until a positive result is confirmed

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You can be guaranteed of the highest quality products and materials!

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